For ease of studying, we put together some flashcards! The fun part about these flashcards, is that you can study them through playing a game.



When you click on a link, this is pretty much what you’ll see. You can practice memorizing the cards, take a test, or play a game. As you can see, the site we used for this also has apps that you can download so you can study wherever you want to!

how to


The ‘Memorize’ tab lets you select how many cards you want to study, whether or not to shuffle them, and lets you keep track of how many you got wrong or right. I also put the languages for the cards as Korean and English, so you can listen to the audio. It’s all computer generated, however, so I’m not sure how accurate the pronunciations are.




Now my favorite part, the game! It’s timed, so try to be quick about it! Just place the jewel on the matching definition.




Links to all the sets:

Basic Terminology

Commands in Class

Starting/Closing Class Commands

Basic Stances

Basic Movements (Hands)

Basic Movements (Legs)


All of the Terminology