Resolutions are for chumps!!

Every year, approximately 45% of adults in America make New Years Resolutions*.  Of that group, 8% are successful.  The odds are stacked in favor of the house (the “house” being your old habits or lack thereof).

There’s still hope!  Goals and Habits are the key.  People who make explicit resolutions are 10x more likely to be successful. When a resolution becomes explicit (no, we’re not talking about adult content – shame on you), it has terms and parameters. In fact, it takes on the form and shape of a GOAL!  If this “resolution” is something repeatable (like exercising daily – GASP!), it can grow up to become a habit (YES!).

I’d like to challenge those of you who were brave enough to make the commitment to a New Years Resolution.  Take it a step further.  Make that resolution explicit, refine it into a goal and a habit that can be maintained into the 46% of resolutions that make it to the 6 month mark and beyond.



 Health, Wealth & Happiness to all in 2015

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